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Updated April 2018

Amour Vert | TCD Brand Directory.jpg

LOVE NOTES: Amour Vert means “Green Love” in French, and also means American manufacturing, nontoxic dyes, sustainable and ethical practices, and a zero-waste philosophy. They believe that we can make the world a greener place, one garment at a time. For every tee shirt purchased, they plant a tree in North America!

RETAILERS: Online Site
CATEGORY: Clothing (Women & Kids • Accessories
STYLE: Classic • Feminine

Flynn Skye | The Chic Diary Brand Directory

:: Flynn Skye ::

LOVE NOTES: Flynn Skye is made by women for women. The brand's clothing pieces are USA-made - designed at their HQ in Venice, CA and produced in downtown LA. Their mission is to leave a positive influence in the fashion community, and emphasizes both the people who buy their clothing as well as the people who make them. All pieces are made in small batches, and the brand values transparency and sustainability.

RETAILERS: Online SiteRevolvePlanet BlueASOSShopbop
CATEGORY: Women’s Clothing • Accessories
STYLE: Feminine • Romantic
ORIGIN: Venice, CA

Good Apparel | The Chic Diary Directory

LOVE NOTES: Good Apparel upholds sustainable and ethical practices (including paying fair wages to its workers) and manufactures its pieces in the USA. The brand uses locally sourced and sustainable fabrics and produces small runs of its new collections every 45 to 60 days.

RETAILERS: Online Site
CATEGORY: Women's Clothing
STYLE: Capsule • Minimal
ORIGIN: Fall River, Massachusetts

DL1961 | The Chic Diary Directory

:: DL1961 ::

LOVE NOTES: DL1961 is a premium denim brand founded by women that partners with socially responsible vendors to sustainably craft its clothing pieces. They’ve optimized their supply chain to lessen their environmental impact by saving energy, dye materials, and water.

RETAILERS: Online SiteRevolveNordstromBloomingdalesASOSBergdof GoodmanAmazon
CATEGORY: Clothing (Men, Women, Kids) • Petite & Maternity Options
STYLE: Premium Denim • Classic

Grana | The Chic Diary Brand Directory

:: GRANA ::

LOVE NOTES: Grana sources straight from the fabric mills and have streamlined their processes to reduce the number of times the garments exchange hands in their supply chain. They’re able to keep prices low this way, with only a 2x markup on price! Grana places small quantity orders to avoid wasting labor and fabric. Grana is committed to improving their social impact, acknowledging that it will take time, resources, and effort.

RETAILERS: Online Site
CATEGORY: Clothing (Men, Women) • Accessories
STYLE: Minimal • Classic
ORIGIN: Hong Kong

Nisolo | The Chic Diary Directory

:: Nisolo ::

LOVE NOTES: Nisolo is a B-Corp certified company that provides 27% higher than fair wage requirements, health care, and a good working environment for its independent artisans. They cut out the middleman and sell directly to consumers to keep prices low without sacrificing quality or design. Nisolo sources its leather from ethical tanneries.

RETAILERS: Online Site
CATEGORY: Leather Shoes (Men, Women) • Accessories
STYLE: Classic • Casual
ORIGIN: Nashville, TN

Reformation | The Chic Diary Brand Directory

LOVE NOTES: Reformation’s pieces are sourced from sustainable fabrics and made in its downtown LA factory. RefScale (their enviro-footprint tracker) adds up its CO2 emissions, H2O usage, and waste generation to display its eco-impact on every product page, so customers can make conscious buying choices.

RETAILERS: Online Site, Nordstrom
CATEGORY: Women's Clothing • Accessories • Petite & Bridal Options
STYLE: Feminine • Vintage

Vetta | The Chic Diary Directory

:: VETTA ::

LOVE NOTES: VETTA curates 5-piece capsule wardrobes that can be mixed-and-matched to create a month's supply of outfits. Each piece is produced using sustainable fabrics (such as deadstock or Tencel) and can be worn multiple ways. They work with responsible factories in NYC and LA.

RETAILERS: Online Site
CATEGORY: Women's Clothing
STYLE: Capsule • Minimal

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All brands meet one or more of the following:
Eco-Friendly | Ethically Made | Fair Trade | Locally Made | Organic | Sustainable

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