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Le Tote Review & Lookbook | My First Ever YouTube Video!

Le Tote Review & Lookbook | My First Ever YouTube Video!

Hi everyone! I'm revealing something very exciting today...

I started a YouTube channel and uploaded my first ever video!!! Even to my own surprise, my passion for content creation and new-found interest in video has pushed me past my worries and fears of how people would perceive me on film. Although I'm immensely nervous to be starting this channel and to be sharing a rather elementary initial video with you, I'm also extremely excited. In fact, I finished the edits late into the night and found myself wide awake afterwards. I was so thrilled - that I finally taught myself the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro CC and finished creating my first video - that I couldn't fall asleep!

In the video, I styled a few of my clothing picks from a fashion rental company called Le Tote. If you are like me and often feel that you have nothing to wear - even with a closet full of clothes - this monthly fashion rental subscription service may be for you. Click play below to check out the video and continue reading for more details about the service :)

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