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Brand Spotlight: Frank & Oak

Brand Spotlight: Frank & Oak

Hey everyone!

Sharing a brand spotlight on a Canadian fashion label called Frank & Oak today :)


Frank & Oak is a respectable conscious fashion brand, not only because they produce stylish, quality clothing pieces, but also because they do this while striving to use sustainable fabrics and practices throughout their supply chain.

Since its launch in 2012, the brand has made huge strides in reducing their carbon footprint. For one, Frank & Oak has partnered with a sustainable denim production facility in Dubai, called Hydro-Less Laundry, to create eco-friendly, water-saving denim. They use nano-bubble and Ozone-wash technologies to reduce water waste. Utilizing these methods, Frank & Oak is able to reduce energy consumption by 79%, chemical use by 50%, and water usage by 95%. How awesome is that?! Given that it normally takes thousands of gallons of water to produce a standard pair of jeans, these percentages are certainly applaud-worthy. Secondly, Frank & Oak utilizes organic and sustainable fibers to produce its clothing, including low eco-impact cotton, compostable and biodegradable Lenzing Tencel fibers, and recycled polyester. I geeked over learning about Lenzing Tencel fiber, which includes sourcing wood from sustainable eucalyptus plantations, through a zero-waste process that uses 20 times less water than regular cotton!

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