Brand Spotlight: Grana

Brand Spotlight: Grana

Bringing you a brand spotlight on Grana today, a sustainable fashion label that I admire for their high quality basics and business transparency!


Grana has a lean and sustainable online business model. They source straight from the fabric mills and have streamlined their processes to reduce the number of times the garments exchange hands in their supply chain. They’re able to keep prices low this way, with only a 2x markup on price!

Grana places small quantity orders to avoid wasting labor and fabric. They also have a Code of Conduct that is expected to be followed if you partner with them. This is because they uphold values such as providing ethical treatment of its workers in a safe working environment and paying fair wages to them. The Code talks about fair labor conditions and labor rights, as well as minimum supply chain expectations revolving around social conduct and impact. Grana is committed to improving their social impact, acknowledging that it will take time, resources, and effort. I absolutely LOVE when a company is transparent but humble enough to admit that they still have a long way to go!

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