Brand Spotlight: DL1961 Premium Denim

Brand Spotlight: DL1961 Premium Denim

I've already mentioned how much I love DL1961, the premium denim brand, in my last lookbook edit here. But I still have so much more to say about them. So I'm dedicating this Brand Spotlight post to be all about DL1961 and their innovative production process :)


DL1961 is a NYC-based premium denim brand founded by women. They call themselves the most sustainable denim brand on Earth, and they have good reason to make the claim while being as transparent as possible on their production process. You might be wondering, how are they able to make that claim?

First off, DL1961 has optimized their supply chain to lessen their environmental impact, by consuming less energy, dye materials, and water during the production process. They use US-grown cotton and Lycra materials as well as natural plant-derived indigo dyes. DL1961 has their own power generation plant as well as a facility that's partially solar powered. Using a monitoring software, DL1961 also tracks all of their water and dye consumption for all of the pieces they make, keeping the company super aware and accountable of their eco-impact.

If you're not already impressed by the above facts - get this. A traditional pair of jeans is made using about 1.5K gallons of water. DL1961 uses <10 and treat and recycle 98% of it! Let's get even more specific here. An average pair of DL1961's jeans takes about 8 gallons of water, <1 KWH of energy, and 3.5 hours to make. Using their on-site water recycling plant, they've saved 5.2 million gallons of water in 2017 alone!!

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