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Aer Duffel Pack | The Modern Gym Bag for the Everyday Professional

Aer Duffel Pack | The Modern Gym Bag for the Everyday Professional

I used to dread going to the gym before or after work. I took public transportation, so going to the gym meant that I would have to lug around both my work bag and my heavy duffel gym bag. Sometimes the bus would get crowded and I'd stand carrying both bags for a long period of time. I'd often think to myself, 'I just need my morning coffee, and everything will be okay.' But I couldn't ignore the fact that I had achy shoulders after the long bus rides, since my duffel strap didn't have shoulder padding!

To eliminate the need to carry two bags, I carried just my old duffel bag for both my work and gym items. But it often got frustrating having to dig through it to pull out my work material when I got into the office. Also, my work laptop was unprotected from occasional dings, since the bag wasn't padded and didn't have a separate compartment for my tech essentials. To add to that, it just didn't feel appropriate for me to carry such a sporty bag to the office. For the longest time, I avoided going to the gym before or right after work for these reasons. I really wished for a dual-purpose gym and work bag that was compact enough to carry on public transportation and that had all the utilities I was looking for.

This led me to my search and discovery of (what I consider to be) one of the most modern gym bags on the market - the Aer Duffel Pack. After testing it out for a month, I'm so excited to be sharing my review on this product with you!

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