#GirlBoss | Modern Home Office & Work Space Inspiration

Hey everyone! 

Lately, I've been inspired to beautify my work space at home. I find that I'm able to work most effectively when my desk area is clutter-free, organized, and set with beautiful desk decor. :) I've partnered with Dot & Bo to share some of my top work space furniture, accessories, and decor picks below for a Pinterest-worthy home office. Hope you enjoy my round-up!

1. Backbone 5-Shelver in White | 2. Modern Geometry Desk
3. Contempo File Cabinet Combo | 4. Kick Back Office Chair

As you can see from the above furniture picks, I'm currently obsessed with white lacquered furniture with chrome detailing. There's nothing quite like this combo to give off a clean and ultra-modern home office vibe.

Tips: The file cabinet can be stored underneath or beside your desk, and is great for hiding stationery and other items to keep your desk clutter-free. Also, throwing a sheepskin area rug over your chair acts as a cozy accent!

1. Flower Power Faux Orchid | 2. Classic Laptop Case | 3. Tarquin Table Lamp | 4. White Pebble Plant Holder
5. Triangulation Bulletin Board | 6. Essential Oils Diffuser | 7. Geo Chic Frame in Chrome
8. Determination Notebook | 9. Finnley Wall Clock

Let's talk about some of the above desk accessories and decor. Flowers and plants are great pieces to liven up your home office area (white orchids and succulents are my personal favorites :). Another great desk decor piece is this modern white diffuser, which mixes water and essential oils and turns the mixture into a light mist. It is an awesome alternative to a candle and I love how it dispenses the fragrance in timed intervals! Last but not least, this geometric bulletin board provides a wide canvas to put up all your memos, to-do and grocery lists, and personal photos. You can always hang a nice piece of wall art or mirror above your desk as well, but I love how you can really personalize your work area with a chic bulletin board.

I'd love to hear what your work space essentials are in the comments below :) Check out my 'Home Office' Pinterest board for more #girlboss office inspiration. Thanks so much for reading!

Special thanks to Dot & Bo for collaborating on this post.