An Honest Rothy's Flats Review (+ $20 Off Your 1st Pair!)


Rothy’s, a sustainable shoe brand based in San Francisco, seemed to have gone viral overnight. As of May 2019, I see women outside left and right wearing #rothysinthewild, almost daily now. They certainly have a unique product line - sustainably-made, moisture-wicking, machine-washable woven flats and shoes that are made out of recycled plastic bottles. But is it worth all the hype? Based on a personal need for a new pair of pointed black flats, I jumped on the Rothy’s wagon and gave them a try, and am now here with an honest review of their pointed toe flats. I’m hoping this review will be helpful in deciding whether or not Rothy’s is right for you. If you already own a pair, I also share a few of my current favorites, as well as pro-tips on washing and caring for your Rothy’s!

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DESIGN 10/10 (for the pointed toe flats!):

The style I’m reviewing today is Rothy’s The Point Flat, but the brand also carries a wide range of other styles, colors, and patterns. Check out the full range of styles below!

  • The Flat: These are round-toe ballet style flats.

  • The Point: These are the pointed toe flats I’m reviewing in this post! These flats are super lightweight, with removable (and washable) cushioned insoles made out of recycled foam components. This pointed toe flat is seriously the flat design of my dreams. If you’re considering these, make sure to read up on my ‘Comfort & Fit’ section to make sure you select the right size for you.

  • The Loafer: Women’s loafers with a ‘sock-like feel’.

  • The Sneaker: Slip-on sneakers that are similar to the loafer but with more coverage and a carbon-free rubber sole.

  • Kids Loafer & Sneaker: Mini versions of the women’s loafer and sneaker - made for kids!

FABRIC | 10/10:

As a sustainable and ethical fashion activist, the fact that Rothy’s shoes are made out of 100% post-consumer plastic bottles definitely caught my attention. I was pleased to know that they’ve repurposed over 30.5m+ water bottles so far! But did you know that they’re also 3d printed with knit fabric? This helps to eliminate excess fabric waste which is usually the by-product cutting fabric for sewing. Read more about Rothy’s 3d knitting here. Also, because it’s made out of quick-drying knitted fabric, they usually dry overnight after a wash.


COMFORT | 7/10:

If a shoe doesn’t need any breaking into, I consider that a 100% win in terms of comfort. Unfortunately, I found that it took at least 5 wears of my Rothy’s pointed toe flats to fully feel comfortable in them. These pointed flats have a higher heel rise compared to my other flats. Not including the rubber soles, my other flats have a heel rise between 2.25” to 2.3125”. The Rothy’s pointed toe flats have a 2.375” heel rise (again, not including the rubber sole), and this small increase along with the slightly rough trim seemed to contribute to the heel blisters I’d get in the beginning. After baring with the blisters for a while and several wears later, The Point flat is surprisingly now one of the most comfortable and lightweight pair of shoes I own!

If anyone has tips on increasing the comfort level of these shoes upon first wear, please share your tips in the comment below. I would have definitely appreciated reading tips for this when I first purchased my Rothy’s!

FIT | 8/10:

Rothy’s shoes come in US sizes 5-12 for women (whole and half sizes), and US sizes 10-4 for kids. I have narrow feet and am normally a size 7 in shoes, and sometimes even a 6.5 in some shoe brands.

For Rothy’s The Point flat though, it’s recommended that you size up - I had to size up to a 7.5 for this style (though you may not need to in some of their other styles, like The Flat which has more toe wiggle room). A size 7 would have definitely been too small for me with the pointed toe flats. With the 7.5 size, my toes don’t poke out of the fabric at the top. If you’re not a fan of toe cleavage (I don’t mind too much, but I know some people hate it), sizing up will help you cover up a lot of that as well. I barely see any with my 7.5 size flats. :) These flats also don’t stretch much over time since they’re made out of recycled plastic. The sole is pretty narrow, so sizing up just half a size more in The Point Flat may not be the best option for folks with wider feet. A co-worker told me that this was the case for her, so instead of the pointed toe flat, she opted for Rothy’s loafers! If you have wider feet and still want to try out the pointed toe flats, you may want to size up 1 to 1.5 sizes bigger than your normal shoe size. Check out Rothy’s size chart for more details. If you reside in San Francisco, I encourage you to try them on at Rothy’s retail store in the Fillmore district first!



Online Site • SF Retail Location


  • Women’s Shoes: $125 - $165

  • Kid’s Shoes: $55 - $65

Rothy’s shoes are more expensive than your average shoe brand, but in my opinion, Rothy’s is not your average shoe brand. ;) From their sustainable and ethical practices, to their innovative production methods, and not to mention the versatility of the shoe when it comes to style and care, all of these factors justify the cost for me — especially since I plan to wear them for a really long time.


THE POINT: Black Solid | Petal Pink Solid | Flax Birdseye | Olive Camo | Big Cat | Leopard | Marigold | Mink

THE SNEAKER: Sand | Grey Camo | Bright White


  1. Remove the insoles from your flats.

  2. Wipe clean the bottom of your soles.

  3. Throw in your flats and insoles separately into the washing machine.

  4. Wash with cold water, a gentle cycle, and mild detergent.

  5. Leave them out to air dry (warm water or putting them in the dryer will cause them to shrink!)


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Given how much I love my 1st pair of Rothy’s, I’m considering a 2nd pair - this time either the Red Cat flat or another pair of The Point flat in petal pink (which should I get? :). Let me know if you have any questions if I didn’t answer them in this review, by posting in the comments section below! I hope you found this review helpful - I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Note: A * next to the brand name indicates that it is a conscious brand.
Top: Black 3/4 sleeve bodysuit | *Dauntless vegan leather moto jacket
Bottom: High-waisted frayed skinny jeans
Shoes: *Rothy’s The Point flat (in black)
Accessories: *Kayu Lucie Tote | Gentle Monster sunglasses

Photos by Gregory Wong Photography