Postcard From Los Cabos, Mexico | My Travel Highlights

Hello beautiful people!

Back in December, my sister and I decided to treat our parents to a relaxing vacation for Christmas. This trip was very special to us, not only because it was a great way to spend the holidays together, but also because it had been a while since we went on a vacation as a whole family. We decided on Los Cabos, Mexico, to escape the chilly San Francisco winter weather. Words can't describe how beautiful Los Cabos was when we visited. I put together a quick video and photo diary to showcase my travel highlights below!

Unpacked and ready to start our Cabo adventure. :)

Featured above: Steamline Luggage x Kate Spade New Yorker Carryon


1. Breathtaking Beaches

It wasn't until I took a trip to Los Cabos, Mexico, that I realized I enjoy tropical/beach vacations more than any other type of trip. Los Cabos was the first destination I've been to with clear, beautiful turquoise waters. I seriously couldn't get enough of it!

One of the most famous and most picturesque beaches I visited there was Lover's Beach - an area at Land's End near the famous Arch, which you can only access by sea. When you get close enough to the shore, you literally jump out of the boat and onto its sandy-white beach! The waters here are both rich hues of turquoise and blue, as it is where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean.

2. Luxury Sailing in the Sea of Cortez

One of my trip highlights was a sailing adventure we booked through a tours and activities company called Cabo Adventures. Our whole family loved cruising the sea by yacht while relaxing to upbeat music. On this excursion, we were provided unlimited drinks, snacks, and a hearty lunch. Halfway through sailing, we anchored the yacht near a calm beach, and were provided gear to go snorkeling and stand-up paddle-boarding. Both activities were so much fun! Snorkeling, especially, was a great way to get an up-close look of marine life under the sea - including the schools of colorful fish. In that hour, I had entered an entirely different world full of life and natural wonders. We were told that whale sighting season is around mid December to mid April, and we were lucky enough to spot two majestic whales swimming past our yacht on our way back to shore!

3. Sightseeing: El Arco de Cabo San Lucas

During our Los Cabos trip, we saw the famous Arch twice - once during the yacht excursion and the other during a ride on a glass bottom water taxi. This landmark is such a beautiful sight to see with unique rock formations, clear aquamarine waters,  and sea lions sun-bathing nearby. It's a must for first-timers!

Pro tip: You'll likely see the Arch during most, if not all, water activities in Cabo San Lucas. It's also known that, once every 4 to 5 years, the water levels under the Arch are low enough that it opens up a patch of sand that leads to a beach called Land's End. You can supposedly walk under the Arch during this time, but I highly advise avoiding this as the waves are extremely turbulent and dangerous in that area!!!

Sightseeing... The Arch! | Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

4. Dining: The Office On The Beach

My family and I fell in love with a restaurant called The Office on Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas. The dining experience was unlike anything we'd ever had! The food was amazing, but it was more about the ambiance that made it such a unique and lively scene. They had outdoor tables set up right on the beach, so you could feel the soft sands directly under your feet. We went during dinner-time, and they had blankets draped on all the chairs in case it got chilly. Also, not only did they have a live band singing and playing music, with gleeful families dancing right next to the stage, they also had an Office Rambo going around to groups to celebrate special occasions with them, pouring tequila directly into people's mouths (for those who requested it).

The service was great too - both waiters who served us made an effort to make sure we were thoroughly enjoying our time there. The main waiter came by with a large plate filled with seafood options, including their fresh catch of the day. We tasted a variety of things on their menu, including the scampi jumbo shrimp, the Baja burritos, and their fresh red snapper. If you are planning to take a trip to Cabo San Lucas, be sure to make a stop here!

The Office at the Beach | Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

5. San Jose del Cabo: Art Walk

For those of you who didn't know, Los Cabos is an area at the southern tip of Baja California in Mexico, and consists of city called Cabo San Lucas, and a smaller, quainter town called San Jose del Cabo. My family and I took a quick 40 minute bus ride here from Cabo San Lucas for the town's Thursday night Art Walk. The Art Walk is a weekly event held from around 5pm to 9pm between November and June. I personally love going to museums, and viewing art galleries and installations, so this event was right up my alley.

My favorite gallery was also the last gallery we visited that night, called the Ivan Guaderrama Art Gallery. Initially, what drew me in was an interactive art installation, where my sister and I had to place our hands on opposite sides of the gallery entranceway, then hold hands to see a heart-shaped light fixture come to life as its lights flashed rapidly before our eyes. We then found, as we went further into the gallery, that most of the contemporary artwork there had an interactive component to them. Another favorite of mine was a painting of a piano, that you could literally play by pressing on a number of piano keys!

But it wasn't until after I spoke with the gallery host and learned of Guaderrama's motivation behind his artwork, that I was truly left awe-struck. After the artist became a follower of Christ, he was motivated to glorify God through his artwork, spread love and serve God by spreading His message. As a Christian, I was deeply moved upon hearing this and saw Guaderrama's artwork in a completely different light. Feel free to check out his testimonial here, if you're interested. Coincidentally, the artist stopped by the gallery at the time of our visit, so I had a chance to meet him and hear his testimonial in-person. :)

6. Pool-Time

My last travel highlight (but certainly not least), was relaxing at our hotel's sky pool. My whole family and I loved hanging out in the jacuzzi, reading in the pool-side cabanas, and lounging in our ginormous unicorn pool float. Pool-time was a nice break we looked forward to every few days, especially after exploring Los Cabos and walking around for several hours per day!

By the time our vacation had come to an end and we had to pack our suitcases again, I was still yearning for more. It was definitely hard to leave sunny Los Cabos on our last day!

If you're interested in seeing what I wore during our Los Cabos vacation, feel free to check out the links below :)

Have you ever been to Los Cabos, Mexico? If so, I'd love for you to share your travel highlights in the comments below!

Hope you enjoy this post, and have an amazing, fun-filled weekend!