Garden Beauty Brunch with 100% Pure

Hi folks!

Today, I'll be sharing my garden beauty brunch experience with a natural beauty brand called 100% PURE.

We were invited to visit the founder's home in late October to join 100% PURE for a gorgeous garden brunch in Atherton, CA. For the occasion, I wore a blue and peach floral maxi dress from Lulu's (navy and yellow one here), my new favorite Sweetheart vanity bag from Steamline Luggage, and sandal wedges from Dolce Vita.

I accessorized with earrings from Sterling Forever and the most regal statement necklace (called Love Story) from a brand called Happiness Boutique, both which were gifted to me. Happiness Boutique was nice enough to offer 10% off for orders over 19 euros (roughly $22.10 US dollars) when you use the below code at checkout before December 2nd, 2017 :)


This was by far the most delightful brand-hosted event I've been to this year. Not only did I spend my time getting to know the other bloggers and the 100% PURE staff while enjoying delicious food and drink, I also learned so much from the founder, Susie Wang. She talked to us about some of the awful practices she's seen early in her career working in the beauty industry (such as animal testing and beauty products created from potentially harmful petrochemicals) and how that motivated her to create a natural beauty brand that's dedicated to producing only the purest beauty and skincare products and promoting clean living.

It's shocking to learn how little the US FDA regulates the ingredients that go into skincare and beauty products, and how hazardous some of the legal beauty product ingredients can be to our skin and to our planet. The European Union bans approximately 1.4K potentially harmful chemicals and ingredients from the Personal Care sector due to health concerns, while the United States only bans 30!* Our skin is porous and absorbent, and certain chemicals can make their way into our bloodstream (e.g. we're able to use nicotine and birth control patches by sticking them to our bodies), so it's a good idea to take precaution when it comes to applying any kind of personal care product.

I left the event feeling so inspired to leave a smaller ecological footprint and to take better care of my skin health by choosing to use cleaner, healthy-for-you products. I hope you do too after reading about my experience :)

As always, thanks for visiting and hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Outfit Details
Top/Bottom: Lulu's Precious Memories maxi dress
Shoes: Dolce Vita sandal wedges

Steamling Luggage Sweetheart vanity bag
Sterling Forever earrings (thanks to Sterling Forever!)
Love Story statement necklace (thanks to Happiness Boutique!)

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Photos by Thy.Time and Diana Youn