Glimpse Episode 1 - The Chic Diary | Full Video

Hi everyone!

A couple of months ago, 2NV, a media productions brand created by Wesley Wong, asked if I would be interested in being the first feature in their upcoming video docu-series, Glimpse. As I chatted with Wesley to learn more about 2NV and Glimpse, he painted his vision of producing a documentary-style film series that would showcase the stories of Bay Area artists and entrepreneurs - specifically those who are pursuing their passions and dreams.

I asked Wesley if producing media is his passion, and he admitted to me, yes. Even with a full-time job as a lawyer, his heart tugged him towards creating media that would build an emotional connection with an audience through thoughtful imagery and story-telling. This ultimately led him to start 2NV Entertainment and to his desire to create Glimpse. Along the way, he reached out to Greg Wong, a talented photographer, who ended up collaborating with Wesley as their main Photography Director to turn 2NV and Glimpse into a reality. 

Being able to relate to his purpose in creating the docu-series and in pursuing one's passions, I happily agreed to work with Wesley, Greg, and the rest of the 2NV team to create the first episode of Glimpse. Last week, I posted a preview of the video on my blog. Today, I get to share the full episode with you, detailing how I got started on my passion project, The Chic Diary, and what it all means to me.

Thanks so much for watching and I hope you enjoy! Your love and support means a lot to me :)

Created by 2NV Ent. Copyright 2017.
Photography by Greg Wong. Directed by Wesley Wong.
Learn more about 2NV on their web site and Instagram